Healing the wounds of trauma

Walking the refugee highway was described today as a ‘heart wound.’ You cannot necessarily see it on the outside of a person, but inside there is a deep wound that if left untreated can get worse and worse until a person is without hope. And when a person is without hope “they do not want to move forward anymore.”

These remarks came from a group of Pastors from Dzaleka who went through an introduction to a curriculum designed to help facilitate healing and recovery from the trauma of things like forced displacement. It was a heartbreaking experience to hear their stories and begin to understand a little more the burdens these leaders carry as leaders and mentors in the community. Their resilience and commitment to keep being present for their fellow refugees was inspiring to say the least. We went through many pages of notes and discussions and finished with a great African meal together. A huge thanks to SIL for helping facilitate the discussions.

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