Jake and I are back in our respective cities in the USA, after a good visit with our friends in the Dzaleka Refugee camp.

This photo is not overly glamorous or exciting….but it reminds me of what we do at IAFR.  We walk,  we listen, we share, we collaborate, we work together with those who have been forcibly displaced.   We listen to dreams, hopes, and plans and see if we can help make them happen.

We look to be a well of hope.  We strive to help our friends, our brothers and sisters, pastors and churches, find strength in God.  And we keep showing up….and walking.

There is always opportunity to make resources available so these can continue to happen at the Dzaleka Refugee camp in Malawi.  If you are moved to do that, you can click here…and we promise that we will keep showing up.

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