140:1…the student to teacher ratio in the school where primary students from Dzaleka Refugee Camp can attend.  Because of all the ramifications of this ratio, students only attend a couple of hours each day and very little learning appears to be taking place.  Resources are not available to expand or add more schools.

In almost every conversation with church leaders and others in Dzaleka, the issue of education comes up quickly.  There is deep concern about the lack of effective education and the future of the children of Dzaleka.

But the Dzaleka Churches are doing more than lament.  With volunteer teachers, sparse curriculum, few resources, and less than ideal circumstances, a number of churches have started pre-schools and primary schools.  And most churches open their school to their area in the camp, not just exclusively for their own people.

We visited one such pre-school this morning and were amazed at the learning that is taking place.  IAFR sees education as part of helping those who have been forcibly displaced, survive and recover.  We are having conversations with Dzaleka church leaders about how we can help them, help their children and give them a better future.

Photos by Jacob Tornga, IAFR

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