Showing Up

Jake Tornga and myself (Tim Barnes) are spending 10 days at the Dzaleka Refugee Camp.  Our purpose is to spend time with our partner refugee churches, listening, encouraging, learning, and getting behind the work the churches are doing at the camp.

As we meet and listen, there is a stark reminder of how little we can actually do to change their situation.  It is easy to question why we keep showing up.  But then we hear these statements coming from the refugee church leaders:

“Seeing you here has given us new strength. It is like we are born again with joy and hope”

“Your presence strengthens us.  When we see you we are very encouraged and know that we are not alone.”

“In our time of difficulty, you did not forget us.  You were very close to us.”

Oh yes….that is why we keep showing up.  And we see the Refugee Church showing up in the camp, creating places to worship, to find hope and strength, and to be a light in a dark and difficult situation.

So we keep showing up together!

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